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Top 10 Wedding Colors Trends for 2021 that Brides Shouldn’t Miss

Picking the wedding color is one of the most important decision to be made in the process of planning a wedding. It is also the main reason why a ton of brides like to find out what the trending wedding colors of the year are. To inspire couples who are recently engaged and set their big day in 2021, we are sharing you 10 fabulous wedding colors trends that are expected to be huge in the months to come. Wait no more and check them right now!!

1.Copper Brown copper brown and greenery modern industrial wedding colors

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TOP 11 Wedding Cakes Trends that are Getting Huge in 2021

What we have seen from wedding cake industry in recent years is that cakes are getting small, unique in versatile ways. Creative cake designers are having fun reinventing and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials to meet the personalized unique cake demands of new couples. From edible flowers to geode detailing and metallic gold leaf,  check out 10 of  these unique wedding cake trends that we’re expecting to be huge in 2021.

1. Translucent Isomalt Design

teal blue gold ball modern wedding cake with unique isomalt cake topper


10 Elevated Elegant Wedding Colors that Inspires

Color is always the key to your wedding theme. So what colors might look great for an elegant wedding?The choices are limitless. First of all, you will never get wrong with neutral shades such as creams, white, grays, blushes and so on. Bold colors like burgundy, yellow, navy blue when combines with neutral shades can also look incredibly elegant and sophisticate. At last, don’t forget to add something glitters to elevate your final wedding look. Take a look at 10 pretty elegant wedding colors we have created below with matching wedding invitations.

1.Burgundy, White and Gold

burgundy ivory white blush elegant wedding party ideas with glitter gold


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The newest trending of wedding arch/arbor ideas in 2021

Have you heard about new trend? Micro-wedding! Think of these miniature events as a cross between a traditional wedding and an elopement, also known as minimonies or small wedding; these smaller guest lists allow for proper social distancing protocols but still let a couple celebrate with their nearest and dearest.

So, the new trend of wedding arch/arbor/altar will match the trend of wedding, become traditional, simple and elegance. Here is the some trends of wedding arch ideas for you to check.

1. Traditional and elegant rectangle arches with fabric

Yes, the wedding arch will be back to traditional rectangle with fabric, but the fabric will be more multiple, such as the Voile and stain or even the velvet.

beach elopement wedidng arch decor with flowy white voile   unique dried flower wedding arch with white flowy voile


20 Simplest DIY Wedding Ideas with Wood Slices, Stumps & Crates

When it comes to rustic weddings, the most prominent décor detail is usually nature and that’s why the natural wood things are so popular for all rustic related wedding themes. Among all the wooden elements that we can consider for a wedding party, we especially love the ideas with wood slices, tree stumps & wooden crates. To inspired you, we have collected 20 simplest diy wedding ideas with these rustic wood decoration, check them right now!

1.Wood Slice simplest diy wood slice wedding ideas


30 Ingenious Ideas for a Small Intimate Backyard Wedding on a Budget

Whether you want total flexibility for your big day, or want to save money on your wedding decor, backyard is always a perfect place to consider as your wedding venue. One of the avantages to hosting a backyard wedding is that you have complete freedom to make the wedding personal, unique, and totally YOU! From the ceremony to the dance floor to the photo booth , here are some of our favorite backyard wedding ideas to hep you throw an intimate party that can save you some serious cash as well.

1.Do it Yourself Wedding Arch

Creating an aisle in your backyard can be easy .Whether you want a classic and minimalist wedding arch, a simple and elegant arch with greenery or florals, a bohemian arch with macrame… the possibilities are endless

simple DIY backyard outdoor wedding arches


15 Chic Ideas to Throw a Spooky and Stylsh Halloween Wedding

For couples who love the scary and supernatural, Halloween day is the most wonderful time of the year! We are excited to show you a few of our favorite ways to design your big day Halloween style. From your bridal gown to dark floral centerpieces , and skull-shaped candle votive, let’s lean into the spirit of Halloween by sharing some creative ways to tie Halloween wedding ideas into your big day!

1.Misty Halloween Ceremony Night

halloween inspired boho wedding ideas


How to Use ….Metallic/Glitters in Your Wedding Invitations

Rose gold, gold, copper, yellow gold, bright gold…, the gold craze has been popular among brides for several years and it’s not going away anytime soon. So how can you incorporate these shiny shades in your wedding invitations? To give you inspiration, we have put together 8 easy ways to bring some metallic/ glittery colors into your wedding paper goods. Read on now!

  • Foil Printing

The first and most popular choice is through painting. There’s nothing like glittering gold foil to take an simple calligraphy invitation to the next level!

modern typography wedding invitatio set with foil prints


20 Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets Ideas for Winter Seasonal Options to Fill Your Arrangements

When thinking of the winter wedding, you may want your wedding bouqeuts to reflect your wedding season. There are plenty of blooms that are either only in season during the winter or continue to bloom all year long that are perfect to include in bouquets.

For the colder months, we love deep burgundy, crisp emerald green, snowy white, and classic blue. Today, we’re sharing gorgeous winter wedding bouquets ideas that are in season.

1.  Stunning burgundy/ red  wedding bouquets in winter ideas

Bodas Bodas Bodas


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12 Chic Ways to Create a Warm & Cozy Winter Wedding

30 inspirational warm winter wedding ideas

Although weddings are most popular in warm spring and summer, winter wedding still can be utterly magical and romantic too.When carried out correctly, a winter wedding can impart a warm sense of togetherness among guests, provide fabulous, snowy photo ops and furnish an enchanting atmosphere.  If you’re having a winter wedding, it’s important to consider the comfort of your guests throughout the event. Read on for 12 of the sweetest ideas to keep guests warm on your big day.


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